#70 – A simple act can make a huge impact

It’s time for each of us to think differently about giving and receiving.
Day #70 of Sanity via Tim McDonald

Today, I was leaving NYC knowing I wanted to stop at Garrett Popcorn Shops near Penn Station. It was snowing, so I took a cab from my hotel to Penn Station and waited about 10 minutes under an overhang for the store to open.

Once it did, I ordered the cheddar & caramel mix. Then I thought, if I walk on the plane with a bag of Garrett Popcorn and don’t have something for the crew that wouldn’t be very nice. So I ordered another bag. I handed it to the flight attendant as I boarded, and before we landed, each of the 3 crew members stopped by to thank me. Such a simple act that made 3 people feel like something special happened in their day. It also made my day when both Garrett and JetBlue engaged with me on Twitter.

A lot of this is about giving and receiving. It’s like there’s an invisible cycle: when we give, we also receive something back. Most of us have been conditioned to “give and take” as an exchange that needs to take place between people. Even in business, we have social corporate responsibility departments that are responsible for how the organization “gives back” to the community. But most of us have never been taught how to receive. It has always been about how to give and take something. Imagine if more of us not only gave, but also knew how to graciously receive.” from Our Journey to Corporate Sanity.

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