#72 – Get Grounded in Reality

It’s time for each of us to be grounded in reality.

Day #72 of Sanity

We’ve developed an innovative framework to creating thriving 21st century organizations with leaders who are courageous enough to shift from being stuck as transactional problem solvers to holistic opportunity-finders and creators. It is one of the most important skills for this century to be able to let go of how we are supposed to lead and embrace a way that allows us to imagine what is possible and go create it in the world.

While most people talk about innovation, few are really innovating beyond the mechanics of giving us new technological “solutions.” The innovation our world desperately needs is in human design, a way to bring us back together in unity to create beautiful, purposeful experiences for humanity.  It’s nice for us to be so impressed with our prowess to design new technologies but unless we can have purposeful adoption that benefits humanity and the planet. what is the point?  Are our lives simply about collecting a pay cheque and making a living or is our opportunity to make a life, where work is just a part of it? And a life where the work we do has meaning? Do we want to continue on the path of defining our lives by what we do for a living and if so, don’t we have an opportunity to shift the story and see what is possible to change the narrative of our lives?

Some may say technology is evil. However, when we are grounded in reality, we can see that it is not technology that is the issue. It is how we humans adopt it and often get addicted to it. No one blames the toaster that keeps our bread crisper as much as they do the smartphone for changing our habits. But it’s not the smartphone or the lightbulb that is to blame.

We have to stop blaming others for the choices and decisions we make, even if it is the way everyone around us acts. We have to start taking accountability for the choices we make. If we are too busy to take care of our bodies by not exercising or eating unhealthy foods, it is our choice to do so, even if we are too busy with the never ending tasks on our plate. We make time for what is valuable and important to us and sometimes, we make choices that hurt us. And we have to remember when we assign value to something in our lives, we make time for it, even if it harms us.

The third step in our new framework, once you can shift a problem to an opportunity and be consciously aware of your opportunity, is to be grounded in reality. Our world today increasingly demands this of us, in work and life. Are you grounded in reality? Are you an opportunity finder? Are you focused on purposeful adoption?

If you want to know more about the framework and how it applies to your own life, as we use it every day as our guide to explore what’s possible, reach out. There are endless opportunities to explore in this century to help ground us in reality and move us to greater unity and harmony.

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