#4 – Becoming Whole… Again

It’s time to become whole, again

Day #4 of Sanity

Many people today are numbing ourselves from life, and few are talking about it. In parts of the world, we have created a fast food culture that celebrates busyness and efficiency. ‘Doing more with less’ is a goal to be achieved; before even asking the fundamental question of why do we need to do more or less? What is our foundational purpose gets lost in the race to the top. And what happens when we reach the coveted top?

I recently coached a woman who was changing careers and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She published her book, after many years, and became a New York Times best selling author. Everyone around her congratulated her on achieving her dream. But inside, she felt nothing. She just asked herself, “now what?” and realized that she was more focused on the end goal than her purpose of wanting people to experience her storytelling. It was only when she held public book readings that she managed to have deeper conversations about the messages in her book and got an understanding of what resonated with her community.

In our pursuit of success, we have lost pieces of ourselves. We may have checked items off our societal list of accomplishments like education, marriage, and kids, but deep inside we may still wrestle with our foundational purpose of why we are here. And the work to become whole again and integrate our own pieces is where many numb ourselves because it is hard work. Much harder than having a job or a career and making a living. It is the work of being true to ourselves and continuing to explore our deeper purpose and treating life with the deepest fear and respect.

The opportunity in front of each of us is to become whole — not separate ourselves from professional and personal self and try to reach a mythical work-life balance. What is possible is not only to see life as an adventure but find ways to practice it in a meaningful way.

Ask yourself:

How do I define success? Am I living it?
What does being whole mean to me?
Do I separate myself into professional self (work) and personal self (life)? Is it working for me?
What is my biggest opportunity to bring my pieces together and what would success feel like if I did?

Please participate …

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