#67 – Defining Yourself

It’s time for each of us to define ourselves.


Day #67 of Sanity via Tim McDonald

One question asked at curated dinners I host is, “Name a title you’ve always wanted to have on a business card but never have had.” The responses vary and are quite interesting. I asked this same question on Facebook and it was even more intriguing. What really struck me was how many people focused on money or not working (i.e retirement). One person wanted to be married, although I’ve yet to see Mrs., Mr. or Ms. on a business card. What all of the responses had in common was the label that it puts on us. Everyone had a reason why they wanted their title and most likely it involved how others would perceive them when they saw or heard that title. Several people actually said “no title.” If you look at the last business cards I printed a few years ago, you will find they just have my name and contact information.

Titles may be what we aspire to become, but we should never let them define us. Any time we use a title, despite our intentions, we are giving others an opportunity to define us based on their perspective of the title and not who you are as a person.

What do you think of when you hear: janitor, CEO, designer? How would that change if you met the person without knowing their title?
How can you connect more deeply with people?
What tile are you hiding behind?
What title do you wish you had on your business card that is closer to who you are and how you want to show up in the world?
Please participate …

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