Find Your Individual And Collective Edge


It’s time for each of us to find our individual and collective edge.

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center”.
Kurt Vonnegut

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It’s time for each of us to find our individual and collective edge.

Day #24 of Sanity

The organizations that are best able to re-invent themselves as needed are the ones that are moving to the edges with purpose. They no longer see their opportunities through the lens of mainstream assumptions, or measure how close or far they are from the normal distribution of the famous bell curve. They are focused on the edges and outlier opportunities where they can conduct their business in a human-to-human way.

They don’t need to focus on looking around at what others are doing to see how they can outshine them; rather, they can focus on bringing their business to the people who care about what they produce for the world. Their leaders value dialogue and understand that deep relationships are foundational to building thriving organizations. It is a world where we learn to trust ourselves and each other. In this era, we are the leaders at the forefront of a human-to-human, purpose-driven experience.

There is also no need to follow blindly when you learn to listen to your internal compass. In 21st century pioneering organizations, people don’t have to wait for the annual performance review to share their ideas on how the corporation can thrive.

When you encourage people to make suggestions for improvements in the moment that they have an insight, you are much more likely to ignite innovation. You can’t wait for someone else to take action or spend your life complaining about how broken the system is. It is up to each of us to drive our own journey to a saner world, where business creates genuine value for people and for society at large.
Ask yourself:

  • Where is my edge?
  • Where are the people I want to connect with?
  • How do I find my collective edge?

Please participate …

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Welcome to 2017 where we have 365 days to play, create and connect.

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