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Day #75 of Sanity

Almost coming back home after traveling to five cities and two countries in less than three weeks, I am encouraged by the amazing people I met who care about making a difference. I talked to every person I came across. I listened to everyone, took note of their state of mind and engaged deeply when I could.

One young man yesterday told me that he has lost hope. He is a private investigator who is now also driving in his spare time to make ends meet. He shared that he was poor and lives pay check to pay check, never knowing if he will be able to pay his rent and feed his kids. When he helped me with my bags, he shook my hand and said. “maybe there is some hope. You just saw me.”

While change is constant in our world, there is always hope. There is always the ability to create something bigger than ourselves by seeing an opportunity. Here are some stories to lift each other up to what is possible:

  • Quebec food waste program to rescue 30.8 million pounds of food. Sam Watts, the executive director of Welcome Hall Mission, a group providing services for the poor in Montreal,, said “Just to try and put competing companies together in a project like this, it took some real political will. The idea behind it is hey, we’ve got enough food in Quebec to feed everybody, let’s not be throwing things out. Let’s be recuperating what we can recuperate and let’s make sure we get it to people who need it.”
  • Felix Finkbeiner is clear on his purpose. When he was nine years old, he decided to plant one million trees. He believed adults just talk about the issues facing our planet without taking much action. With his initiative Plant for the Planet, the ambitious teenager surpassed his original goal together with the United Nations’ (UN) Billion Tree Campaign, planting over 14 billion trees in over 130 countries. And he is just getting started.

We don’t need more heroes in the world wearing a super cape. What we need is more conscious leaders who care about how we co-exist and see an opportunity to bring a great idea to market. And we definitely need more purposeful business leaders who create profitable businesses that support our growing collective on this planet. People who can go out there and create thriving businesses that care about the people they employ, the people they serve and their communities.

No child should go to bed hungry. No adult should go to bed feeling hopeless. We live in a world where there is much to feel stressed about and yet, each of us can start thinking about how we create a win-win mindset. We no longer need to take someone else down to have a fleeting “win.” What’s the point of that?

“If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

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