#3 – Life Is For Living

It’s time to experience life. Life is for living.

Day #3 of Sanity


So many of us get caught in how we are supposed to live our lives, and some of us have lost pieces of ourselves on the road to someone else’s definition of success.

And yet, everyone has their own path. Some are just starting out, while others end all too soon. Whatever course you are on, the choices you make define who you are. We make hundreds of choices everyday. Most of them innocent decisions like, “should I “go to the gym or skip it today?” Others require a bit more thought, like, “should I order the grilled cheese with fries,” which I love, or be “good” and get the salad, “which I know is better for me but won’t satisfy my grilled cheese craving?”

And then there are those really tough choices we make about the course of our lives. Choices. They’re the ingredients of our lives; they shape us. The choices we make in how we invest our time can either stifle us or bring a whole new world of possibilities.

Today, many people are starting to choose themselves and that will have a big impact on business over the next decade around attraction and retention of employees and customers. Life will be a more meaningful path for those who choose to experience it rather than follow someone else’s definition of success.

According to author and journalist, Ben Thomas: “Every habit and hangup, every dread and desire in our minds is dependent on neural pathways that were once laid down by our personal experiences. Like every other organism on earth, we carry the history of a long, successful lineage in our genetic and biological makeup. The question of what to do with those resources, though, isn’t predetermined by the past. It’s up to you.”

Ask yourself:

  • What choices and decisions am I making, if any?
  • How do I define success? What choices, if any, do I need to make to see life as my biggest adventure?
  • Am I experiencing life to its fullest for me?
  • What am I longing for?

Please participate …
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