#5 – Listen To Your Heartbeat

It’s time to listen to our heartbeat.

Empathy, listening and connecting deeply are our opportunities in every aspect of life. It’s time to connect deeply with ourselves and others.

Day #5 of Sanity

We live in a world where we are celebrating being vulnerable and authentic. And this just makes us wonder how we got here. To be human is to feel. To be human is to have faith. How do we learn if we don’t get in touch with our human vulnerability? Authenticity requires us to feel deeply and be in touch with our biggest dreams and fears.

All of our systems are starting to crack in front of our eyes and this is an opportunity; not a crisis. New mindsets need to architect a new way forward on a planet where every living being is connected in ways we never imagined. So much is possible.

We will have more 21st century leaders in the world when more of us take a journey into ourselves before we try to fix everyone else. No one needs fixing. No one wants to be fixed.

What we want and what we have the capacity to do is to be connected to people who care deeply about themselves, us and our planet. When was the last time you had an open two-way conversation where you can show up with whatever is in your heart; in life and in work? What makes you feel listened to?

Instead of being addicted to our busyness, what would happen if each of us reached out to someone and truly listened? What is possible when we break down the armor and take our mask off?

Please participate …

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Welcome to 2017 where we have 365 days to play, create and connect.