Opportunities On The Edge – Where’s Your Edge?

Some days you just have to take a leap of faith.

Things can fall apart, or threaten to, for many reasons, and then there’s got to be a leap of faith. Ultimately, when you’re at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jump together.” Yo-Yo Ma

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It’s time for each of us to find opportunities on the edge.

Day #16 of Sanity

If you go to get ice cream or a coffee today, you can get dizzy by the pure number of choices you have. Everyone makes more varieties and the way to deal with clutter is to make more clutter by giving more choices. The irony is that this is not only a challenge for the consumer but also for the organizations who need to think about how to position their product and service and are still stuck in the last era. I often wonder when I see the “new and improved” sticker on a favorite brand, does that mean the “old” version sucks and I must toss it out and start over? I guess that’s what brands would like us to believe so we will buy more of their stuff.

Being a trustworthy source is a rare commodity. Stories are the new (old) ways to connect people. You can shine by sharing stories. Either way, people will tell stories about you — with or without you being there. It’s happening already. How can you tell stories to people that get under their skin? You can take videos of your customers talking about what you do and you can edit it into a narrative. You can create a different version of your skills and present it in a video or blog that will make people want to hire you. Talk in a way that people want to hear rather than needing to fit into a box or a label. Don’t just be flavor 31,001 of ice cream.

Ask yourself, what’s my edge?

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